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5 Props to Creatively Layer Your Food Photos

Ever wonder what to put ‘around’ your main food or hero item? Confused what to place in the background of your photos? Do you keep trying various ingredients and props and yet, everything you use looks unnatural and and out of place no matter where you place it in the photo? Today, I want to […]



5 Easy Tips For Using Color In Food Photography

food photography

5 Easy Ways to Achieve Dark/ Moody Food Photography


How To Set a Custom White Balance to Achieve Perfect Whites


Simple Guide To Start A Food Photography Prop Collection


Shooting drinks is part and parcel of being a food photographer. Once you’ve mastered the art of food photography, the next logical step is drinks photography. Beverage photography can be a fun rewarding experience but it does come with its challenges. Think melting ice, scratches on glasses, ugly reflections as well as fingerprints on glassware […]

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Food Photography

London based food stylist- Amy Kinnear

Shutter Stories: Amy Kinnear


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Deciding what angle your food should be photographed is key to ensuring a successful image.

Best Angles For Food Photography

Food Styling

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Dark moody photographs can be hard to shoot when you’re first starting out. But we have just the trick for you. Shooting in a box! Yes, you read that right. A box can be the perfect tool to shoot dark moody photos as the walls of the box provide negative fill and block light. This […]

Shoot Dark Moody Photos Using Just a Box


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Did you know that there are so many ways to earn money as a food photographer? From creating content for food brands to restaurant photography.

How to Earn Money as a Food Photographer

Food Photography

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Tethered Shooting

Tethered shooting for food photography connects your camera to your computer via a cable or wire. Trying out shooting tethered transforms the way you take photos.

Why Tethered Shooting Can Transform Your Food Photography Overnight


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The adjustments and tools you use during editing have a massive impact on your final image and local adjustment tools will help make a good photo great.

Local Adjustment Tools in Lightroom


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PHOOD- Drinks photography

The enemy of great lighting is a mindset that believes in popular myths that simply aren’t true. PHOOD breaks those myths so that you have the correct information to create beautiful versatile light.

Food Photography Lighting Myths Shattered


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PHOOD breaks down these six ingredients to make your food look as good as it tastes.

Mastering Food Photography: 6 Essential Ingredients

Food Photography

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Flat lay food photography may look easy enough to outsiders, but as food photographers, we know how complicated they can really be. There’s so much more to it than just arranging the items in a unique way on a background. It requires pre planning, attention to minute detail with regards to composition, propping, food styling and lighting.

Flat Lay Food Photography: 7 Secrets of Food Flat Lays

Food Photography

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Say goodbye to grainy and blurry photos. Get beautiful buttery images that make the viewer melt. 

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13 ways to get razor sharp images TODAY!

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