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Welcome to PHOOD, where photography and food meet. 

We are the online food photography platform for students of all skill levels, taught by world class professional food photographers offering industry secrets, tricks, and techniques to transform and enhance your food styling and food photography. 

From lighting hacks to equipment checklists, camera settings and editing techniques; whether you’re interested in Food Blogging or a career in Food Photography, you've come to the right place.

where education is served. BON APPETIT!

From the world’s leading photographers behind the covers and campaigns of some of the most renowned brands and magazines, comes the knowledge, tricks, and techniques to build a successful career out of your passion. Our platform provides free tips and tricks, presets & filters for editing, and interviews with world renowned food photographers, stylists, art editors, and cookbook authors. 

Our 1st Food Photography course,
The PHOOD Method :
Master Food Photography in 6 weeks 

We’ve worked with the best chefs, brands, publications, and food critics in the world to condense our learnings into one simple and effective course. Over 6 modules, you’ll learn the fundamentals of serving up quality content.

Tap into your creative potential. Master the basics. Hone your craft. Create magazine worth content worth sharing. We help you find and own your own style.

We won’t teach you how to photograph like us, we’ll unlock how to photograph like you. This course provides everything you need to go out and start taking photos.

WHAT phood believes in 

Anyone can take beautiful photographs of food - you aren't born with a natural talent. You need to learn the theory and skills.

We believe that just like food, knowledge is worth sharing. We’re here to teach you, guide you, and empower you to go out on your own.

what phood is not about

PHOOD is not about shortcuts but we are about tricks of the trade. We won’t teach you how to photograph like us, we’ll unlock how to photograph like you. We help you find and own your own style, not ours.

where you can find phood

ALWAYS in the studio. ALWAYS finding inspiration in our surroundings. ALWAYS online. ALWAYS in a restaurant, café or market. 

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Our PH(ounder)

Sukaina Rajabali’s photographs have captured the imagination of brands and audiences around the world for the last 10 years. Her style has graced best selling books and international magazines as well as working with some of the top restaurants and advertising campaigns in Dubai.

 In her first photography course, she is bringing her secrets to the world, across equipment, styling, technology, but most importantly, storytelling: discovering and developing ideas, working with objects, shooting with natural light in manual mode, and post production industry secrets. See the food world through her lens.


Like asking which is your favorite child - Rosemary & Salted Dark Chocolate is one we can’t stop craving – both from a taste and photograph aesthetic. 

my happy place!

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Never overlook the power and potential of a good chopping board, one that your mother and her mother have been using for years in their kitchen. Signs of wear and tear are the best part; revealing love, character, and a thousand meals shared together. Can’t find a family heirloom? Get to your nearest thrift store. 

Not so much a café but the ocean view buffet breakfast of Cape Weligama Resort, Sri Lanka filled our hearts and stomach to the brim. 





Wimbledon Farmer’s Market, London. Hands down the best. It’s here we found our favorite, grey patina background - it makes any food photo look good. 

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Always a poke bowl, ALWAYS. Bursts of freshness and acidity. READY for seconds. 

Honestly, we’d take village or city café hopping over a beach any day. Take San Sebastian, for example. Countless, timeless photo opportunities of locals and their rustic food offerings at every corner. 



favorite breakfast dish

This      That






from scratch

natural light




dark/ moody




artificial light

Where we stand on the super important stuff... Agree / disagree? 


with compliments to the chef:

What people are saying about 

“I have attended a few food photography workshops before but no one spoke in so much depth”

Say goodbye to grainy and blurry photos. Get beautiful buttery images that make the viewer melt. 

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