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Take your food photography from meh to magnificent in just one click. 




Ever think: Why don’t my photos look... professional?

You’re flipping through a magazine and stop to take in a spread of a burger wrapped in butcher paper with thick-cut fries stuffed into a brown pouch. 

But what you want even more than a bite of that big, juicy organic beef patty smothered in farm-style cheddar sitting between two perfectly browned brioche buns is to know how in the world the photo looks that amazing. 

Because your photos don’t come out like that no matter how many rustic props you buy or how many angles you shoot. 

And after a shoot you’re always left scratching your head and thinking: 

Ugh. I can’t get even one single shot that I’m happy with. 
My savory shots don’t look anything like the ones in Bon Appetit even though I have the same exact napkins and salad plates.
Okay I’m never taking photos between 11 am and noon ever again.  

If that sounds like you, then you’re in the right place. Because... 

We’re here to bust a major food photography myth…

It’s super easy to think professional pictures of food just kind of happen. But we’re here to tell you something that’ll change your food photography career forever:

Professional pictures of food are never perfect straight out of camera.

Seriously. All professionals use editing techniques to add that wow factor to their images. Especially to take their images from pretty good to “Wow that made my belly rumble.” 

And the best part?


See what others are saying about the presets:

Buy Presets for $47

If we haven’t already met at a flea market trying to scour the same vintage props, then HEY!

I’m Sukaina, food photographer, total Netflix junkie, lover of a good fried milkshake dipped in chocolate—yes, it’s a thing; get one—and founder of PHOOD.

After years of photographing for commercial brands like KFC and Pizza Hut, creating editorial photos for magazines like Waitrose, Food & Travel, and Spinneys Food and working with some top-notch restaurants around the world, I realized there was one thing that consistently took my pictures from good to OMG. 

It was presets. And I still use them to my images just right. 

So I’ve done a thing. I’ve packaged my signature style up into a killer packet of presets that’ll make your photos of food look effortless and downright scrumptious. 

I know you’re going to love these. 

Cheers to good food and amazing photos, 

Sukaina Rajabali

as seen in

12 desktop and 12 mobile presets to use with Lightroom. 

PDF installation guide for desktop and mobile.

Custom tutorials from Sukaina on how to use the filters just right. 

24 desktop- and mobile-friendly presets that will take your food photos from meh to magnificent in just one click. 

The PHOOD Presets


With The PHOOD Presets you can turn an image into a full-blown culinary experience—without shelling out hundreds for expensive equipment, painstakingly tinkering with editing settings, or spending hours sitting in front of your laptop.

All you need is your camera and your food—the PHOOD Presets will do the rest.

The PHOOD Presets include:

With the PHOOD Presets you can effortlessly:

Create light, bright, and airy images so your images feel like they were shot at the peek of day. 

Create dark, moody images that give your photos a signature dramatic feel.

Dial in a faster workflow so you’re not spending hours in the editing room.

Create a cohesive and expert portfolio or Instagram feed that’ll have clients flocking to your appointment calendar. 

Break out of the same old editing style and get more creative with your images.

These presets are designed specifically for curated food images and casual shots. They’re for every skill level—whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. 

Grab your phood presets

"Think Katie's work is just for women? Think again. I'm a man (obviously), and my business tripled, too!"


Made six figures:


We guarantee you that these are the only filters available specifically created for photos of food. These are not designed for travel shots, landscape shots, portraits, or selfies.

We guarantee you that The PHOOD Presets are the only set of presets you’ll need. They work incredibly well with any food photos you take, whether it’s a sweet blondie tart from your local bakery or a savory lemon roast chicken straight out of the oven.

We guarantee you that with these presets you won’t ever feel like a one-trick pony. You’ll be able to achieve a variety of creative looks with this one preset pack.  

The PHOOD Preset Guarantee

If you’re still scrolling, you’ve got questions. And we have answers.

Will the presets work with any smartphone? 

Yes! They’re designed to work with any and all mobile devices as well as desktop. 

Do I have to pay for an additional app to use the presets?

The mobile presets work with the FREE Lightroom app and the desktop presets work with Lightroom CC for desktop, which is free for one month for you to sign up for a trial period. 

Do I have to already be an amazing food photographer to use these presets?

Absolutely not. These presets will help you get closer to becoming the amazing food photographer you’ve always wanted to be. They come with an easy installation guide and you’ll also receive additional emails with editing tips to take you to pro level.